From toddlers to young adults

Mums and Dads sometimes need a break and the abilty to sit and hear what God has to say to them without having to keep an ever vigilant eye on their children.

Children need biblical input in a safe place and if that sometimes comes from a different source than Mum and Dad in order to reinforce the Godly instruction they receive at home confirming the wisdom of Godly parents.  

If children come from homes where Christianity is not the norm we make them equally welcome but ask parents to understand we teach using stories from the Bible and at all times we will be teaching that Jesus is the Son of God.

Our teaching will always be designed to help children to fit in to a wider society showing respect for legitimate authority and we are raising them to make as great a contribution to society as possible when they reach adulthood. Many fine upstanding members of society remember the foundations that were laid in Sunday School.

All our teachers are regularly DRB checked and no one is even considered for childrens work unless they have become well known to us over time.

Mainly it is the parents of our own children who unselfishly take turns to look after the various age related childrens groups so everyone works some weeks on and gets some weeks off.

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