Church in the Home

Relationships are the backbone of our life together in Hindley Green Family Church.  The Christian Life is meant to be shared.  If you stay around long enough you will soon see that we are more than a congregation, we are a family! And we are serious about growing in fellowship with each other in rich, God centred relationships.

 One of the primary ways we build relationships and cultivate fellowship with each other is through a network of small groups, which we call ‘Church in the Home’. or Cellgroups. This term refers to the lving cells in the human body growing and multiplying for the benefit of the whole body.


The purpose of these groups include:

Application of God’s word in our lives

Merely hearing God’s word is insufficient; we must apply it to our lives for there to be fruit.  We seek to apply the Bible’s teaching, review Sunday Message, and use a variety of other resources with the intention of growing in the grace and knowledge of our Lord Jesus Christ.


 Pursuit of Biblical Fellowship

Genuine fellowship isn’t practical in a large crowd.  ‘Church in the Home’,  provides a place where we can build relationships, care for one another and help each other grow in relationship with God.


 Ministry to one another.

When we are children we are dependent on parents and teachers and as we reach adolescence we struggle for independence. Mature Christians realise that we are interdependent and ‘Church in the Home’ provides an environment where...we can minister to each other with the gifts that God has given us.  Meetings include times of prayer for one another opportunities to exercise spiritual gifts for the edification of others.


Groups meet on Various Weekday Evenings and a Group has been known to meet occasionally in the afternoon.   To find out more about our ‘Church in the Home’ groups please contact the Church Office. 

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