• Cornerstone Family Church at Bryn officially opened on 18th November 2018.

    We meet at Cooke Street (off Downall Green Road), Bryn, Wigan  WN4 0DL

    The church is led by Senior Pastor Rob Channings with his wife Stephanie and Associate Pastors Jim Blackburn and Ella Njah. They are supported by a strong leadership team including the elders from our sister church at Hindley Green. www.HGFChurch.org  David and Jean Bradley were founder members of Hindley Green Family Church and have served there faithfully for more than 25 years. They bring all their experience in church management and as worship leaders. Added to that we have the more youthful elders on the team, Steve and Emily Wood, Burt and Lucy Seme and since finance is always an important subject for a successful church; Edwige Flore is taking a leadership role specifically in that area.  We also have the full support and backing of a good group of people from Hindley Green.

    For the time being we will be meeting at The Bethel, Hindley Green on Sunday Mornings (10:45) where we have better facilities for children: and then meeting again at Cornerstone Family Church in Bryn on Sunday Evenings at 6:30.

    Why did we name the church "Cornerstone Family Church".

    "Cornerstone" speaks of Jesus and is taken from Ephesians 2:20 Together, we are His house, built on the foundation of the apostles and the prophets. And the Cornerstone is Christ Jesus himself.

    "Family" is in the names of both expressions of our church because we believe the traditional family is the main building block of every community and it is the communities that make up the whole of society. 

    "Church" might seem obvious but we always like to remind ourselves that the church is not a building but the called out family of God's people, we are the church as Paul goes on to say in Ephesians 2:21 We are carefully joined together in Him becoming a holy temple for the Lord.

    We will preach the Bible as the established Word of God as faithfully as we are able. We will welcome Holy Spirit to move however He wants to among us with His purpose of lifting the Lord Jesus high and bringing all the glory to our Heavenly Father. Our goal is now and will always be to seek more of God's presence among us. In His presence we find fullness of joy and the Joy of the Lord is our strength.


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