Developing Leaders

This was the first meeting and it was very well attended, it started and finished on time and was lively throughout with good participation from everyone. There were some people who could not make it and because it is the first session it will be repeated on Wednesday 17th May at 7.00pm in the main hall at The Bethel. This will be a one time opportunity.

Pastor Rob introduced and concluded the meeting with the following address. A review of the first video session will published seperately and there will be discussion in the forum for course participants.

We are looking to develop leaders because we have a vision to greatly grow the church. We did open up the meeting to local business people but none have as yet chosen to attend. That is a shame because there is a great need for leaders in all areas of the community but we can be encouraged because the initial session was fully supported by many potential leaders from within the church and it is evident that the church family is the body to lead a successful society anyway.

Before you can have you must do and before you can do you must be. But you can be anything you want to be provided it is in harmony with the will of God and our purpose is to develop people as individuals as well as developing leaders.

You can be what we will to be...meaning you can design the future you by thinking the thoughts, speaking the words and beginning to do the things thatyour future person would do.

You can do all things through Christ who strengthens you. The scripture tells us tat nothing shall be impossible to us if we trust in Christ and live right with God.

You can have anything in life you really want. You just have to help enough other people get what they want. Jesus said if any would be great among you he must first be a servant. Therefore the greatest among you will have served the most people the best way possible. The more you serve, the greater your reward the closer you get to your own goals. 

We then watched John Maxwells Lesson which will be reviewed seperately.

And then looked at the first 5 chapters of John Maxwell's book  "The 15 Invaluable Laws of Growth." Because as well as watching the Developing leadership videos we are conscious that we must all grow individually into the position as leaders and have chosen this as our first text.

Chapter 1 The Law on Intentionality I choose to grow…and I take action every day to develop myself. Of course there is much more in the full chapter and these brief summaries are only to serve as a memory jogger. Please read the book. one chapter a day.

Chapter 2 The Law of Awareness   I know myself…I know where I am now…where I want to be…I am working hard to find out what are the various ways to get there and especially what is the best way for me right now.

Chapter 3 The Law of the Mirror.  I see value in myself… I am a child of God… He thinks I am worth saving so I must believe I am worth the effort it will take to develop myself to reach my full potential.

I don’t see this as a chore…but as a service to the world around me. The more I develop myself the more I have to offer. If I add value to myself then I can add more value to the world. This is a virtuous circle since the more value I add the greater will be my rewards.

Chapter 4 The Law of Reflection. I must let the growth catch up. Spend time each day thinking, concentrating on the person I wish to become… allowing my spirit to bring my soul up to speed with what I have learned. The penny may take a few days to drop when I am leaning new things at a fast rate. Time spent in meditation and thought helps me to gain an understanding rather than simply storing facts by memory.

Chapter 5 The Law of Consistency 

Success in any venture does not come by one massive effort though it may sometimes look like that’s what happened…but success is built over a long period, many small positive steps taken one day at a time.

Similarly failure does not come by one big error of judgement although it can be that one error that finally brings a man down. The character that finally brings about the error was built over a sustained period. Lots of small steps taken every day until they became habitual.

So whatever we have consistently thought and done in the past has produced the person we are now. Whether that is good or bad we can’t turn the clock back but we can make it better. We can develop, we can grow.  And over the next 16 weeks if we help each other we can all be better and we can all be on a track to life long improvement.




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