Advanced Personal Growth with John Maxwell

Welcome to John C. Maxwell’s Advanced Growth System!

Hosted at the Bethel Community Centre

On behalf of John, our team welcomes you to the 2018 Advanced Growth System. This next season of your life will be marked by challenges, nuance and change, but you’ll learn quickly that every day is an opportunity for incredible growth.

This course will take place over 15 weeks on pre-arranged Saturday Mornings.  Email reminders will be sent.

We’ll announce each session the Sunday before each new lesson and the dates will all be available on the church website. 

We will have on-demand, unlimited access to the content once it's posted so  the facility will be available to do a small group catchup on occasions where a few people are missing such as the Colour conference.

Your enrolment in John’s Advanced Growth System includes:

 •    7 weeks of learning with John on the 15 Laws of Growth.

 •    3 weeks of John’s new course, “Put Your Dream to the Test.”

 •    5 weeks of John’s “Developing the Leader Within You”  course


NOTE: The order of these lessons and some dates may be subject to change, but you will receive access to all of the lessons listed both throughout the duration of this course AND on-demand for a lifetime after the lessons are released.

Want to dive even deeper?

If you're interested in reading the books associated with each course before you begin, you can buy them at The John Maxwell Store and most of his books are available at Amazon. 

It's an excellent way to expand on everything you will be learning.

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