Our Vision for the Future

Having been Pastor of Cornerstone Family Church for over 17 years now I have often been asked how do I see the future for the church.

I have a vision that goes well beyond our own church but one in which we must play a vital part. We are all stones in the Temple of which Jesus is the Chief Cornerstone.

I see a world devoid of real leadership, spiralling down a moral pathway, needing a strong church more than at any time in history.

I long to see a church in unity and living in expectancy of the Lord's return and the cry of our hearts is indeed  “Come Lord Jesus.”

But I also see a church building a future for the third and fourth generation should He tarry. The church is not a building but is the spiritual temple of which we are all a part.  (1st Corinthians 3:16)

We do however need to meet somewhere and so I see modern multipurpose buildings that can be used to serve the whole community whilst remaining a place of sanctity and worship. We should not be content with second best worn out or inefficient buildings but recognise as they did in the days when the great cathedrals were built that God is still worthy of the very best we can build for His glory.

Some people are happier with a sanctuary that is dedicated to the Lord's work alone and in September 2018 God trusted us with a second building that was built purely as a church and we believe we are to use it that way. This does not make it of more or less value than our original house at The Bethel which serves the church and the community in multiple ways. It may be that in the future God will give us other buildings with different specific purposes.

I see a church with 4 generations of worshippers, where the seniors are cared for and feel free to share their wisdom... and the little children bring their simple love and and are nurtured in safety. A church where everyone works together for the good of the the church body and the community. 

I see a church where all the believers are free to express their love for God in their own way without fear of criticism.

I see a church where the people love one another and are motivated by compassion for those who do not yet know Jesus as Saviour.

I see a church that promotes the sanctity of marriage between one man and one woman for life but a church that is there to pick up the broken hearted where things have gone wrong.

I see a church where every member is growing in their confidence in God and an awareness of their gifting and role in the body of Christ and in Society.

I see a church where every member is open to the Holy Spirit, is increasingly displaying His fruits and is willing to be used by Him in His supernatural gifts.

I see a church where the believers receive the financial blessings of God but who never forget that we are stewards and when we give to the poor we lend to the Lord.

I see a church where every member from the leaders to the smallest child is teachable, open and willing to learn as the Lord gives new revelation. May we never feel we know all there is to know.

I see a church with a desire to contribute to all sections of society in our local area and to make a positive difference there but who always have eyes lifted to the farthest reaches of the world, ready and willing to send and to go as the Lord leads.

I see a Kingdom Church that is happy to see the other Bible believing churches in the area grow and be blessed in the Lord. 

Written by Pastor Robert Channings and updated 19th February 2024

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